What’s Your Story?


Category: Storytelling Coaching

Name: What’s My Story?

Length: 30-60 days


Are you so busy trying to tell the "right" story that you aren't telling the "real" story? Confusion over brand messaging and how to deliver them stifles opportunities to authentically connect w/your audience. Let's explore your brand mission/ vision & get clear on the attitudes/ beliefs shaping your brand's culture. I'll help you evaluate your unique value proposition and emotional selling points. We'll also define ways you would like to be perceived by customers and clients. Let's get to the heart of why you do what you do!



What’s included?

Deep dive 2-hour introductory call with a 1 hr reading.

We will take a full look at your book, product or brand and the messaging you desire to share. This will take into account the stories and content you are currently sharing, what you should be sharing and how best to share it. The initial call will be followed by 3 one hour follow up coaching sessions and include access to me via email the entire time. You will also receive a written brand story assessment with suggested content/concept upgrades and growth work. 



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