Let’s Tell Your Story


Category: Book Development Coaching 

Name: Let’s Tell My Story 

Length: 90 days


Want to be perceived as being a top expert in your field? Writing a book is one of the quickest ways to solidify your reputation, gain credibility in the eyes of your potential clients, and make yourself stand out above your competition.


Having a book will not only help you attract more clients, it will also help you to extend your visibility and build your brand. But it’s about more than just “having” a book. Let’s work together to make sure you don’t only have a book, but one that people actually want to read!


What’s included? 

Deep dive 4-hour introductory call that includes a 1hr reading. 

After completing this call, you will re-write your first chapter. 

You will submit the chapter and I will read your chapter then provide another hour-long phone consultation and give you feedback. You will receive a recording of your consultation. You will rewrite the chapter according to my feedback and submit the rewrite to me. I will provide feedback via email regarding your rewrite. You will receive a comprehensive written analysis. This process continues until completion of the book in 90 days.

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