Your Power is in knowing your worth

Updated: Nov 6, 2020


Dec. 30 - Jan. 5

((take only what resonates; leave the rest behind:))


The overall message as we move through the first week of this year is understanding that your power is in knowing and standing in your WORTH. Where are you 100% owning it? Where are you still undervaluing yourself? Still not believing 100% that what you want also wants you? And are you asking yourself that if what you want truly does want you back, then why hasn't it shown up yet?

Check out the full messsage in the video...:).

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Self-Literacy Exercise:

Take some time out and ask yourself, "how much do I really love myself"? Now, take a few minutes to reflect on that question and then spend 5-10 minutes writing out all the ways in which you are currently loving yourself today. Make sure these are tangible things...i.e. today I took a 10 minute walk alone just to ground myself, I woke up 10 minutes early to pray and meditate, I made sure today that I had 30 minutes focused on no one but me....etc. Try this for five consecutive days and make note of how you felt each day. The goal of this exercise is to simply check in with where you are vs. where you want to be with loving yourself. There is always room to go deeper and writing it out; seeing it on paper is often eye-opening.

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