#tiptuesday perfection vs. progress

To embrace the mindset of “progress” not “perfection” we must get real comfortable with the art of becoming.

The art of becoming is being ok with wherever we are on a particular journey to master a skill or improve a situation in our lives.

To do this, we must first become hyper aware of the ever-evolving state we live in. We are always unfolding, adjusting, making improvements and yet never really “arriving” at a final destination point and that is actually the point. Think about it. If you were ever to become “perfect” what would there be left for you to do? What meaning would your life then serve? You’d be a “complete” and probably pretty bored example of attainment.

Life is meant to be an ever-evolving process and so is every aspect of your experience - that's where the magick of creation lies - in the becoming - not in the what's already become. And just because things are always unfolding, so to speak, doesn’t mean you are not going anywhere. But, it does mean that for the rest of your days on the planet, it is advisable to get real comfortable with the journey of becoming because it is a path that never ends.

Everyday on the path of becoming should be held sacred, as it is what actually makes up the success or realization of anything to be achieved. The saying, “the reward is in the journey” applies here.

For example, during my days as a young, rookie news reporter, I had a vision of one day getting so good that I could anchor the coveted evening news and be on primetime television in the Bay Area, one of the largest (#5) television markets in the country! BUT, the reality is that I started my on-air career in Waco, Texas, a muuuuuuch smaller market (#87). I recall waking up many days in the smoldering Texas heat, dreading the small market tv stories I'd have to chase down and the even smaller paycheck that came with it. I had dismal days for sure when I was resistant to that part of my becoming process. But, on the days where I was able to really engage with the “presence” of that part of my path and “be” with it exactly where I was, small, country market and all, magical things happened. I had killer live shots on those days and good stories seemed to fall into my lap. The difference was I was embracing where I was and therefore able to truly connect to why I was doing the work in that market in the first place – because of a deep passion and a big dream.

Now, I can look back on my days in those small television markets and see how each day on the “path” of becoming a large market news reporter led up to the finale moment when I finally reached my goal and went live on the San Francisco/Oakland airwaves for the first time. The funny thing is it actually didn’t take me long to do it either in "news years" (3 years). But, to my frustration, when I finally landed a job back home, the joy of it all was short lived because my sights were already set on moving up to the network news level and starting a career in public speaking…..aaaaargh….! That's when it clicked! WE NEVER STOP BECOMING. I learned not to get too attached to my "goals" because they are always evolving and changing and I learned not to ever get bummed about where I am vs. where I believe I want to be because that's always in motion too. We are always on the way to a better version of ourselves and holding that truth is the only thing that is really important.

New Story AFFIRMATION: (repeat this when you fall into the perfectionist mindset loop)

I’m not as bad as I think I am and while I may not be as good as I want to be, I am always in the ever-evolving state of becoming a better version of me and I am present to that fact which is the key.

How to stay in a “progress” mindset:

1.) Stay aware and present to your current reality and don’t get bogged down in thinking too much about the past and the future. Focus on today’s tasks and what you can do now only.

2.) Recognize that comparison is a form of abuse so don’t do it! It’s ok to want to progress further but celebrate where you are now and celebrate others too. Be ok with your path and how it's unfolding by reminding yourself how far you’ve come and how excited you are about what is still to come.

3.) Focus on being that thing you want now. No need to wait to be peaceful, happy, content, courageous, stable, free, joyful etc…until when you have achieved “x”. Whatever feeling you believe achieving or accomplishing that thing will create, get committed to creating that feeling inside yourself now!

4.) Hold the vision! See yourself being whatever it is you desire so badly and then think about what that version of you did to get there and then start doing those things!

And remember, life is all one big practice session anyway so don’t beat yourself up about any of it!

Love + Light,

Tihanna Louise

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