thrive in 2020? Here's How it's still Possible...

What a year! What a — dare I say — “gift” 2020 has been thus far right ... hopefully I can say that without any scoffing, rolling of the eyes, or anyone mouthing the word "bullsh_t" at the screen.

Yet, if you really think about it ... this has been "a helluva year" - confirming WTF we don’t want — and crystalizing what we really do: "REAL" FREEDOM, EQUALITY, LOVE, WELL-BEING, ABUNDANCE, INNER PEACE, and at the very least, leaders who can solve problems - not create them!

In my January blog, I mentioned that unsteady and unpredictable Aquarius new moon energies were kicking us off into an uncertain New Year. Little did any of us know … what exactly was to come.

Thrust into a chaotic swirl of global, socio-political-education pandemic - we've collectively been trying to just keep our heads above water.

And, if, like me, you believe everything in the outer world is part of a reflection within, you've also been navigating massive shifts in your own universe -processing all that's happening.

To catch you up on the last 6 months with me, I canceled a planned speaking tour, my aunt and my mother died two months apart, I slowed my business and also pulled out of several promising opportunities to focus more time on my own health and well-being.

I also took a 30 day road trip across the country to bury my mom, hang out in nature, visit some of my favorite U.S. cities ... and just .... be.

Where We Are Now ....

Feels like everyone either "knows someone" or "knows someone who knows someone" impacted by the virus, by the police, by the protests, by the fires etc ... personal loss, traumatic loss - it's all cast a shadowy theme.

Despite everything, the good news from the new moon back in January still remains:

Hope stands strong and change and growth opportunities abound.

A bold declaration to make in the face of painful challenge and change, I know, but #1 the Universe responds to our command and #2 we stand on the leading edge of what can become a monumental, positive shift in our history .. to rewrite how we do just about everything .. the ways we live, work, play, go to school, vote etc.

Its a historic opportunity to "RESET" ...

This new beginning comes with a cosmic element - the New Moon on Thursday, September 17th, which will be the first of a series of super new moons occurring between now and November. It's happening in the analytical sign of Virgo, which strongly encourages:

  • GROUNDING and taking better care of your body.

  • ACKNOWLEDGING any ugly truths in your life/relationships and ACCEPTING them.

  • DOWNLOADING those goals that have been sitting in your mental cloud with no practical plan of action.

Virgo's clarity offers a birds eye view to see the way forward. But we find overly ambitious Mars retrograding (Sept. 9 - Nov. 13) and gearing up for another square against Saturn on September 29th ... keeping the specifics on exactly how or when it will be "safe" to move forward obstructed from our full view.

"Thrive" vs "Survive":

Remember water is wet and rocks are hard so .... in a time where things remain difficult ...

- DON'T RESIST do what you can, when you can, as best you can, how you can - leave all else up to the Universe and then.... don't sweat it ... we're still in a slow down and it helps to gradually ramp our way back up vs. worrying about what appears out of our control.

At the same time -

-DON'T PROCRASTINATE ... don't leave for tomorrow what you know can and needs to be done today and when the enemy thoughts come for you ... don't stuff them down in fits of emotional eating and mindless distractions ... blast them with your actions and affirmations ... "I CAN. I WILL. I DO. I AM".

-DO BE READY ... to problem solve ... stay positive and practical .... yes, things are opening up but don't expect "post pandemic" life or even your "post pandemic" energy to snap right back into place - expect the unexpected ... focus on building your inner strength and focus on the recovery that is necessary.

Now, take a moment to reflect ....

Have any of your January intentions shown up in your life ... even partially?

Use these journal prompts to help you think about this....

Our New Reality

Think of intention as a powerful resource.

No matter how you answer those journal prompt questions — time has and will keep moving for us all. And, as usual, the Universe offers every opportunity to remember:

The perfect time to get yourself sorted, focused, and together is NOW ... not when things "get better".

If you’re still not feeling aligned with your earlier intentions, ask yourself the same questions from the January blog:

  • How do I want to give back to my community?

  • How do I want to be supported by my community?

  • What’s my ideal vision for the future of my world?

  • How can I stretch myself to be more aligned, creative, active in manifesting this vision?

  • What does all that look like? Feel like?

  • What do I ultimately want to accomplish

In the meantime ... keep creating .... it's the only thing you came here to do...!

Drop a comment below, reach out, and share this with someone who you know can benefit.

**I’m offering 2020-Reset Intuitive Tarot Readings - as its never too late to begin again.

Schedule yours with the code “TRUST2020” for a special discount here.

Let’s RE-SET, RE-CENTER, and finish out this final portion of 2020 the same way we started it - with trust, hope, love and courage — for ourselves and the divine path we call LIFE!

Peace and Blessings Always,

Tihanna Louise

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