#tarottuesday: Surrendering Who + What isn't working

Greetings! Today's message deals with dealing with yourself - your way of being, thinking and acting - particularly as it relates to other people

I sense resistance in the collective around moving forward in the home and work life, particularly when it comes to relationship. I intuitively sense criticism of self and others behaviors and this can look like harping on what you should've/could've/didn't do and what role others have played in it and what others still aren't/haven't been/or may be unwilling to do in their relationship with you.

In other words, as the Queen of Cups points to, collectively, we've been all up in our feelings lately!

A lot of this is "normal" right now, as we just entered a new moon cycle a week ago that kicked up a bunch of fresh (but also chaotic energy) and are now moving into the first quarter moon, which, by its very nature, throws us into the energy of wanting to "reassess", "review" and "re-evaluate" what "has been" as a way to inform "what is" and what "could be".

For some, its romantically related, for others its family, friends and co-workers being dealt with. For everyone, the bottom line is, as it stands now, it isn't working!

Challenging situations may be arising within these connections, particularly during this holiday season time, when we naturally may become more conflicted and feel pressured to complete things with others, "serve" others or be served ourselves and so forth.

As the cards for this week show us, the trick here is to stay open in heart and detached in spirit - not in an apathetic, uncaring way - but in the sense of being willing to not become too tied to any outcomes, harshly judging or resisting what is already present.

It also means being willing to take a different course of action, even if that means doing something that may feel counterintuitive, like allowing others to figure out things on their own, as we do the same. Not everything has to be a conversation.

At the same time, don't allow other people, delays, disappointments and plain old pride to keep you from taking full responsibility for your part in everything that has been created. Clean up what you need to clean up and apologize, when and where needed from a wholehearted place. Get clear inside yourself first. Figure out what needs to be said and just say it without reservation, if that is what you know needs to happen. And if you have already, be ok leaving it as such.

The guidance this day is to keep living life, doing what needs to be done WITHOUT obsessing over your feelings, thoughts, emotions around what has gone wrong etc.

In other words, as the card says, "keep living through the problems", because that is what life is about anyway and we are all ultimately headed to the same place eventually, so don't take any of it too seriously.

Your mantra this week should be: I will "act as if" I've let go of it until my feelings match my behavior.

Try that on and see how it feels! If it leads you to a better feeling....you're on the right path!

As social psychologist and award-winning Harvard lecturer Amy Cuddy says, "fake it til you become it".

And remember, be mindful and powerful about all of it beloveds - I love you!

Living in the Light and Dark - unapologetically,

Tihanna Louise

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