#tarottuesday: Lose the Lack in 2020

At the crux of attaining the true completion necessary to move powerfully into 2020, which astrologically, numerically and spiritually looks to be a very promising and prosperous year, I asked my guides what collectively needed to shift for a successful and bright future....

This is what came out in the cards:

Some of you have spent time in a story about unworthiness, lack, feeling less than, being invisible, fearful or afraid to step out in some way for far too long. Something big is on the horizon for you in 2020 and the main thing that could stop you from getting there is continuing to carry around any of this kind of inferiority narrative you're creating.

The main keys to your success New Year lie in dropping those feelings real or imagined, recognizing and releasing repressed fears, resolving lingering resentments, stamping out insecurity or the need to protect yourself, stopping the self criticism and comparison to others and moving out of judgement.

There is no place for any of it in 2020! The energy is such that not clearing out these lower vibrational emotional and mental patterns will set you back big time in an immediate way as we shift into a new paradigm of living. It's like, if you thought 2019 was tough, try not being serious about working with your shadow elements in 2020 and see how the Universe literally slaps you in the face.

In my blog post about completing 2019, I share a process that will help you clear out any emotional goo still sticking with you.

See, you've come too far to turn back. You chose to "awaken" or are in the process of doing so and its too late to hit the cosmic snooze button and fall back to sleep. Nope. The Universe ain't having it. They say, "when you know better you do better" and that's exactly what is expected of you if you plan on prospering full steam ahead in 2020. You've done alot of maturing spiritually and emotionally and as tired as you may feel from that, as much of it was not by "choice", the Universe is saying, "we are just getting started....let's goooooo!"

The power to manifest the reality you choose is at your disposal, no one else's. It's time to step into the role of actively listening to the divine teacher within without hesitation or doubt in order to navigate the often murky waters we call life and do so with grace, love, compassion and a fierceness that removes failure as any kind of option. It's also time for you to step up and out by sharing your own wisdom and knowledge. See, you, in particular were put here to share a certain gift and you know it but you haven't and never will do it the way you envision carrying traces of unbelief, unworthiness, or the narrative of playing it safe. Before you can move forward, you've got to clean it up!

Yes, you've endured much this past year, no one is discounting that, but it's only served to strengthen your resolve to move forward. Be grateful for every blessing and every lesson that came out of it. You are stronger than you may realize and you must be diligent about releasing inner resistance and fear as soon as it comes up. You know too much to allow it to live and take up too much space or time in your consciousness. Embrace who you really are and fearlessly tear down all the walls of inner resistance preventing you from living the miracles being presented to you daily, particularly the little ones.

This is an ongoing evolution that requires a moment-to-moment compassionate understanding of oneself and others. Make the commitment to do the inner work to push past your limitations and get back on the horse immediately when you fall. Now is not the time to focus too far ahead - live day by day, being truthful and honest with yourself and others about what you're experiencing, while holding your intentions in your heart and taking small actions each day to manifest them.

It's time to take all you've endured, all the lessons you've learned and all the hardships you've overcome and turn them into spiritual gold. It's an emotional, alchemical process. For some of you, that will look like new ideas and projects, for others it may mean putting yourself out there in a new way, and for the rest of you it means gaining new insights and clarity around projects and relationships you are already in. For all of you, it means gaining more ground through the expansion of your inner being - which feels really good by the way.

Take yourself out of the box you've put yourself in. Unwrap your greatness. Remember, the best teacher is also a good student. Be willing to listen and learn from others. Be willing to compromise. Be willing to ask for help and clarity. Promise yourself to do this then commit to being more different than you have been in the past and practice releasing any habits of playing small or falling into victim mode as the days unfold. The you that got you through 2019 is not the you that will take you to new heights in 2020.

Stay conscious and creative and be ready to walk through new doors as they open up - you deserve it!

Happy New Year,

Tihanna Louise

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