Self-Care is not selfish....But It iS a Practice!

Contrary to what some may believe, you are doing the world and everyone in it a BIG FAT favor when you focus on yourself FIRST! As a mom, business owner, doting daughter, loyal friend, partner, etc., I once believed that taking care of everyone else BEFORE taking care of myself was the noble thing to do. Boy, was I wrong!

When you put everyone else first, you set yourself up for feelings of burnout, overwhelm, stress, fatigue, resentment and chaos. Now, in today's "feel good" society, we say, "I already know this", yet practicing it still does not happen more often than not.

Getting yourself into alignment, making sure you are happy and have all you need and desire is most important BEFORE you even think about serving ANYONE else, yes even your kids. This is not “selfish”. In fact, this is the first step in being “selfless”. However, it's only useful IF you actively practice this principle, even at the risk of making someone else "feel bad" or "disappointed". Point is: Its soooooooo important to be GROUNDED inside yourself! You can’t pour from an empty cup!

Soooooo....What are some ways to incorporate this mindset into your day as soon as your feet hit the ground?

Here are a few quick exercises you can do in less than 15 minutes EVERYDAY! Make it a routine.


-Take control of your mind as soon as your feet hit the ground! Thoughts kick in as soon as your eyes pop open so get out in front of them with positive self talk by making declarations for your day!

-MEDITATION...spend at least 5 minutes sitting quietly and simply LISTENING to your thoughts without controlling or judging them. Listen particularly for that small, still voice that encourages and guides. That’s GOD/Higher Self/Intuition talking.

-Write down 10 things you are absolutely grateful for this day.

-Pick three people. Visualize them in your mind and see yourself sending them healing light and love energy and them receiving it and you getting it back.

-SMILE at yourself in the mirror and repeat a personal affirmation that makes you feel good.

-IF the weather permits, go outside and do some “Earthing” which is just putting your bare feet into the grass to connect with earth energy. You can also visualize roots growing out of your feet chakras and going down into the center of the earth if you cannot get outside.

From here, DECIDE in your mind that it IS a wonderful day and tell your Ancestors and Spirit guides to walk with you in a way to make this so AND to send you clear signs throughout the day that they are with you!

***LOVE YOU GUYS!!!***

Have a blessed day!


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