New Moon in Aquarius: Hope, Progress, Change

The new moon in Aquarius happens today at 1:42pm PST.

Astrologers say this particular new moon comes with unsteady and unpredictable energies but the good news is that because it's in the mystical healing and worldly humanitarian sign of Aquarius, this new moon is still set against the perfect backdrop of hope and offers us the opportunity to progress and move forward.

Of all the phases in the lunar cycle, the new moon is my most favorite because it provides us a clean slate to start over from, begin again, start something new - and we can start that new cycle with the power of our WORD and INTENTION - so get to declaring!

With the new moon we can also bravely let go of the past, confidently look toward the future and cultivate a renewed enthusiasm with the inspiration and rigor that gets us motivated!

For this new moon in particular, it's time to look at the bigger picture of your life and the impact you want to have on others. It is the time to set new goals for your relationships, community and to get clear on any long term visions. Now is the time to begin asking yourself: How do I want to give back to my community? How do I want to be supported by it? What is my ideal vision for the future of the world? How can I stretch myself to be more positive and creative in this vision of the future?

I sat with these questions last night while in a group meditation with one of mentors Marc Allen. Marc is a fellow Bay Area native and the author of "The Magical Path, Creating the Life of Your Dreams and a World That Works for All". (whether you believe in "magic" or not, the book is totally #wortharead )

It's absolutely divine how Marc and I connected. About two new moons ago, I stumbled upon his "rags to riches" story on Youtube and was totally moved. Not only is he from the Bay Area and got his start in deep East Oakland, (where I'm from) but he was able to totally transform his life by learning the art of meditation and visualization ..... AND, as he often says, it all started with a dream. !

Intrigued, I immediately purchased a few of Marcs' books and as part of my new moon intention setting at that time, I put it out to the Universe that I wanted to work with him directly. His books have been on my nightstand everyday since where I can read them and look at them everyday. And, magically, the perfect opportunity to work directly with him showed up in my inbox a few short weeks after I set the intention. We had our first mentoring session yesterday!

Getting clear and really being able to see the dream you want to bring to fruition for your life was the focus of one of the meditations I did with Marc last night. I closed my eyes as he spoke the Middle Pillar meditation and as the pictures began to emerge, I was hit with a major download. In my visualization, I saw myself doing the work I do.... readings, speaking and teaching, but the words "20,000 people in 2020" began to ring as loud as a church bell in my clairaudient ears! My guides were speaking loud and clear! It's time to expand in 2020!

The message frightened me to say the least. I have been building my business brick by brick the past four years and am damn proud of the hundreds of people I've helped along my journey thus far - but thousands......20 at that.... in one year....sounded absolutely out of my reach! But, they say a dream that doesn't frighten you a little bit isn't big enough!

So, here I am, sitting here, burning my Clean Slate new moon candle, nervous and at the same time courageously typing out the commitment to launch my new '20 in 20' program.

In this program, I'll connect with at least 20,000 people before the year is out and help them ground, release heal, move forward, love and LIVE more fully into who they are!

I know I will need lots of help for this to work and I'll be reaching out in the coming weeks with more details on how you can be a support in helping me connect with those ready to make a major transformation and soul shift! TYPE 20 in 20 in the comments to let me know you're in!

In the meantime, keep asking yourself if you are willing to DARE to DREAM? Keep looking at what your dream is and focus on it with clear intention as you complete your new moon rituals tonight! It doesn't matter how big it is!


Tihanna Louise

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