How to "Complete" 2019 and Really Move Forward

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

At the basis of all the end of the year talk about setting resolutions and preparing to crush new goals is the desire to create “magic” in one's life - a desire to have something radically shift and transform from one state to another. At the basis of this "magic" is belief and whether or not you actively subscribe to a belief in "magic", that is what indeed lies at the core of any and all change. Think about it. Isn't it kinda like magic when you transform your body from one shape to another. Isn't there something mystical and magical when your efforts synchronize in a way that adds more ,000's to your bank account....yes, of course - at least it feels that way when it actually occurs.

But, in order for our intentions, our desires, our “magic” to be made manifest, we first must believe it can happen and then we have to become complete within in that belief so that it does.

As we shift into the time of year where we declare our “magic” in the form of resolutions, as positive as the intentions may be, it is likely these resolutions will never get “complete” because underneath the “resolutions” themselves is a state of incompletion. And, if something is incomplete, how could it ever possibly fully manifest? Hence, the weight never being fully lost, abundance not fully achieved, goals only partially attained. Tracking with me?

For example, if you set the intention to make more money in 2020 or lose more weight, or go to the gym more, socialize more etc., there is likely something more you believe you could’ve done to accomplish this in 2019 but for some reason you didn’t do whatever that was to reach that goal, so you then continue stepping forward with the belief of the past not being complete and that's what you actually focus on. You get to work trying to make up for what was not completed in the past and it is actually that energy that prevents you from moving forward. That's why you quickly feel stuck or as if its too hard or not sustainable. In other words, instead of creating from a space of openess, clearing, a fresh slate, you are actually carrying a “lack” or limiting disbelief energy around that's rooted in past efforting


By definition, completion means being in a state of wholeness and perfection, which is not where most people create resolutions” from. Most people create resolutions around things they feel are incomplete, which is why most resolutions never get "done" or "resolved".

From this understanding, I invite you to consider that first, you would need to put yourself into a state of completion by actively living in an embodied state of perfection before attempting to create anything. Yes, I am saying to try on the possibility that you would first need to be complete, before you could ever get complete.

To help with this, I’d like to share with you a process (part of which was shared with me) that allows you access to really getting complete with 2019 before you step into 2020 and declare anything.

In this exercise, you will take an open, honest and authentic look at all you have/have not created this past year without adding any stories, explanations, justifications behind why “what is” is the way that it is.

If you play full out with this process, I promise, you will learn how to instantly shed the emotional residue and baggage that you may have been dragging around year after year once and for all.

You can download the exercise here.

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Peace and blessings and see you in 2020.

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