Hang back + sit tight for a minute - How to allow a new perspective to take shape!


This is the Hanged Man in the traditional tarot, which offers us time today to slow down and observe, take stock of our circumstances from a more objective stance.

To do this, we must continue to “release and surrender” our attachment and strong desire to control of our environments, relationships, circumstances and so forth.

This has been a running theme throughout 2018 and will continue to be a necessary practice as we move through bigger and better situations in the coming year, as a result of all our effort.

Allow time for new perspectives to form, intentions to manifest and multiply. The card’s message says when we surrender to an experience, not only do we learn much but we ultimately get what we truly need. And, its in the act of releasing that we discover what we “truly” need vs what we may “think” we need.

Hang tight dear ones and like the Hanged Man, be still and trust the process!

Love & Light,


Three Keys to Manifesting Change in Any Situation:

1.) Become an OBSERVER...in other words, get really good at practicing patience! Remember, there is a huge difference between practicing patience and just waiting for something to manifest. When we "wait", we are usually checking up on the progress for things, looking for signs of completion and generally "micro-managing" the process. Think of it like waiting for a table at a restaurant when you keep asking the server, "how much longer". This is not patience. True patience means relying on that inner knowing that your desire will manifest, your circumstances will shift, and in that energy moving forward with trust and inspired action with no need to keep ruminating over the "when" and "how".

2.) SURRENDER to the situation at hand. Accept everything in its current state and while you hold a steady vision in your third eye of what you'd like to occur or happen, you are releasing yourself emotionally and energetically from the outcome of how it will unfold and/or turn out. This requires a constant need to be aware of how you are thinking, speaking and feeling in regard to the situation. Like the observer or hanged man, you must be willing to release yourself from the strict confines of "needing" anything to "be" a certain way and instead be willing to flow with the course of events as they present themselves. One of my mentors constantly says that "true spiritual growth and self-mastery is the ability to be with life as it is and as it isn't in every moment. In other words, RELEASE the struggle and stop swimming upstream.

3.) ALLOW yourself to reside in a state of receptivity, meaning you are willing to expand your consciousness to the infinite possibilities that are always present in any given situation. This means replacing negative thoughts with more open ended ones like "how can I have this", "who do I need to be for this to show up", "what feelings am I wanting this desire to manifest in me". Allow yourself to believe the answers you receive from these more positive thoughts because at the heart of it is faith, patience and trust. When you approach things from a more receptive state you automatically begin to align yourself with the energies necessary to attract what it is you are wanting.

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