#celebrate Your Wins

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

My mentor Lisa Nichols says people get to macro (large) wins by making micro (small) moves. AND...one thing successful people do is CELEBRATE THEIR WINS!

Sooooooo, before we jump into all we want to DO, BE and HAVE in 2019, let's take a moment to PAUSE and REFLECT on ALL the things we did THIS year that made us feel good about who we are and proud of the life we are living. It doesn't matter how big or small!

C'mon folks, you know we don't give ourselves nearly enough credit for all the great things we do day in and day out.

Soooooo, take some time today to practice ACTIVE self care by making time (NO EXCUSES) to celebrate YOURSELF. I don't care about the last minute shopping, decorating, work you need to etc. SIT YOUR ASS DOWN for a moment today and love on yourself! START by writing out a list of 10 things (I'm sure there are more but start with at least 10) you are super-duper proud of! SHARE at least one in the comments.


MY 2018 WIN LIST: 1.) Successfully integrated tarot card readings into my coaching practice and secured my first major corporate event where I got to read, coach and divine for more than 100 ppl in one night! Whew!

2.) Deepened my relationship with my 18 year old daughter after a rough patch of times through her teenage years and "coming out" process. I created healing and forgiveness space with all of my children and my ex husband after 5 years of us settling into being separated and divorced.

3.) Landed my first $10k client at the beginning of this year and since have signed several back to back clients in the $5k and up range. Dare I say, I'm "profitable"!

4.) Survived and thrived another year as a full time entrepreneur. Turned lemons into sweet lemonade and through the ups and downs of keeping up with the high living cost of the Bay Area, I have kept smiling through it.

5.) Upgraded and redesigned my website and service offerings after a 1 year soul stretching re-branding process. I also came out of the spiritual closet by unapologetically incorporating the Divine Source into my business and speaking about my own spiritual re-awakening and twin flame journey.

6.) Got my first video on Youtube with more than 1000 views and reached 100 subscribers.

7.) Held a Pop Up Networking event and vendor mixer for entrepreneurs in collaboration with close friends that created joy, love, abundance and hope for more than 50 ppl.

8.) Had one of my blogs published on a major platform with more than 7 million monthly subscribers!

9.) I pitched a product from a jewelry company I invested in to Lisa Nichols and not only did she LOVE it but she wore it on stage at one of her events in front of a crowd of hundreds of people and was photographed wearing it!

10.) Successfully launched an Airbnb business in Oakland and NYC that has created safe, clean, modern living space for travel nurses and professionals while also allowing me to live comfortably between both cities.

That's my list! I'm blown away looking at it. It's been an up and down rollercoaster ride and that is ok, as that is the Law of Rhythm and thus the nature of life.

There is much more I want to do in this up coming year and looking back and relishing in all that I've already done makes me feel even more confident that all I desire can and will happen and no matter what challenges lie up ahead I CAN, I WILL, I AM MOVING through them!


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