1:1 Personal Coaching Services

Hello Beloved,

I am beyond honored and grateful to walk by your side as you journey within! The "inner light" we each carry is our most divine gift and there is no limit to how bright yours can shine! 


As an Intuitive Coach'sultant, I will guide you beyond the limits of what you believe is "possible" into the higher dimensions where your un-limitless potential and divine wisdom to co-create life on your terms lives.  Allow me to assist you in addressing the core issues and negative thought and behavior patterns that keep showing up.  My commitment to you is to provide you with effective tools, techniques and specific action plans that will empower you to change your life, health, wealth and love situations that you hold most dear.


The work we do will upgrade your current mental, emotional, physical and spiritual systems.  (By spiritual, I am referring to the connection we all have with our "true selves"  and our own personal development, not any particular religion.) 

My personal coaching services are for you IF you are experiencing difficulty with the following:

  • Overcoming obstacles 

  • Toxic thought patterns/negative self talk

  • Imbalanced relationships

  • Emotional purging, pain and suffering

  • Difficulty forgiving

  • Finding your life's purpose

  • Identifying your core issues

  • Recognizing your limited beliefs

  • Setting and achieving your goals

  • Improving the quality of your life

  • Accepting change

  • Developing clarity and self confidence

  • Standing in your authentic truth and power

  • Realizing your potential, gifts and talents

  • Discontinuing negative habits and patterns

  • Gaining control over your emotions and self defeating behaviors

Ok! Let's start by looking at how it all works! I have found that one-on-one coaching is most beneficial when we have enough time to explore all that's going on with you, so I offer two coaching plans that will allow us the time we'll need to reach your goals. 

Cleanse Your Connection

$597 (4-6 weeks/live online)



-(4) 1hr coaching sessions

-(3) Intuitive Readings

-Email Support

-Facebook Support Group

-Personalized Growth Work

Coaching plans:

You are a clear channel for Source energy to flow through but recent life events have you clogged up with stuck, stagnant energy. You know what's best but still are not making choices and decisions aligned with your highest potential and, as a result, you are not attracting what it is you REALLY want into your life. 

In these sessions you will:

-Be able to clearly identify + have the tools to breakthrough limiting belief patterns and old stories keeping you stuck every time they come up so that you can move forward more powerfully.

-Strengthen your self love muscle and learn how to set stronger boundaries, as well as   identify "NO" as one of your new favorite words to use more often whenever you deem appropriate.

-Begin to more authentically recognize co-dependency and how it's affecting your relationships, gain tools to detach from unhealthy connections and deal with fears of abandonment and rejection.

-Learn to be a master of your thought life, learn how to delete negative mental/emotional programs on demand, as well as how to instinctively think and speak from a higher perspective.

You've gathered up alot of momentum and are rising to the next dimension in your life but the continuing unfolding and learning along this path gets a little bumpy at times and you can use some additional support! 

In these sessions you will:

-Gain a more solid understanding and awareness of "now" consciousness, along with tools and practices to allow you to more consistently live in the "present" (5d) reality even in the midst of facing challenging lower vibrational (3d) circumstances.

-Become even more adept at managing your energy and triggers.

-Be more welcoming of the company of so-called energy vampires whom you may dearly love but also consider to be a drain on your spirit. 

-Practice working with intuition at the precision-level so you can create and manifest more effortlessly.

Ascension Support

$997 (6-8 weeks/live online)


-(6) 1 hr sessions

-(7) Intuitive Readings

--Email and Text Support

-Facebook Group Support

-Personalized Growth Work

-Written Assessments

Wondering how I've helped others like you change their minds and their lives? Check out the testimonials from a few clients who have reached their goals! ​I'm excited to work with YOU and help you achieve yours! 
"Tihanna is a natural born healer and reader. Her warm and open spirit is the perfect conductor to facilitate breakthroughs". - Nikki Thomas, Bay Area Radio Personality and Soul Yoga Instructor.
"Tihanna is one of the most intuitive and professional people I know. She offers more than insights but also enlightentment, encouragement, and counseling. She provided clarity in a time that seemed so dark and negative, that I couldn't find it on my own". - Trudy G., Maker & Entrepreneur
"I received a reading and coaching from Tihanna immediately after a devastating experience shifted my reality as I knew it to be and I can wholeheartedly say that it changed my life. Tihanna has a comforting presence that wraps around you and lovingly redirects you towards your higher self. Since working with her, I have relaunched my business, started taking classes, and am in the process of completing a book"! - Akilah S., Entrepreneur
Still have questions? 
Schedule an EXPLORATORY CALL with me today so we can determine if my programs are in alignment with you! ​
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