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What Many People may be surprised to know about me is that I've been studying personal development and transformation since I was a teenager. As a kid, I loved books and growing up in a single parent home with a family scarred by generational dysfunction and drug addiction, reading was not just a past time for me, it was an escape.

Early on, I was drawn to reading stories about how people with life situations, similar or worse than mine, overcame the odds to become healed, whole, happy wealthy and successful. I began studying the laws of success, emotional development and spirituality. This knowledge has served me greatly throughout my life and career, particularly, when as a rebellious teen, an unhealthy relationship and running with the wrong crowd landed me inside a federal prison for two years. I took full responsibility for that period of my life and committed to renewing my mind and transforming myself inside out. I am grateful to God to be able to say that I did!


I went on to graduate college, have a family and launch a successful career in broadcast journalism and public relations that took me around the country. But, as life is always full of surprises, it wasn't until my 15 year television and radio news career abruptly came to an end that I realized how unhappy and unfulfilled I was, even after reaching such high levels of success. I realized that although I had fearlessly gone after my biggest dreams,  I had also dedicated my entire life, up until that point, to solely "doing" and "having" more without spending much time on the things that mattered most to me.  Sure, I was a super mom and a super employee, which all felt great but I was out of touch with the hobbies and passions most important to me.

As much as I loved to read, at that time, I hadn't read anything cover-to-cover besides a newspaper in years. So, during my layoff, I dived back into my love of reading, full speed. In just one year, I read and re-read over 100 personal development, finance, psychology, relationship and spirituality books. During this time, I became much clearer about my desire to share my empathic abilities, intuitive talents and communication skills with the world. I also understood like never before, the importance of standing in my own worthiness. Telling other people's stories still matters a great deal to me, but not at the expense of my own. I vowed to never sacrifice my well-being for anything or anyone ever again and I committed to helping others do the same....hence Worth-A-Read was born!

Tihanna shares nearly 15 years of storytelling and personal transformation experience with her clients.

As a communications strategist, she helps clients uncover, create and amplify their brand stories and develop goal-oriented yet socially-conscious PR.

As a clairaudient and clairsentient empath, she uses her healing powers and tarot card reading skills to coach people into better communication with themselves (self-talk) and with others (interpersonal communication).

Tihanna believes in the power of knowledge and literacy, first and foremost, within the "self". The non-profit arm of Worth-A-Read (501c3) builds free, tiny libraries in urban communities and hosts pop up libraries. You can check out some of the books in the library store.


Worth-A-Read Inc. is a coaching and transformational training platform. It includes brand messaging, public relations/public speaking, and ghostwriting/"coach-sulting" services. We also use intuitive coaching and tarot card readings to help individuals see themselves and the issues they face in life more clearly. The
mission is to help authors and entrepreneurs and individuals with a desire to delve deeper into personal development develop the strategies and communications tools to tell themselves and the world a better story. 

Worth-A-Read content is thoughtfully curated. It's founder, Tihanna McCleese, is a voracious reader herself, and information shared is grounded in thought perspectives and insights gleaned from her career as a journalist and public relations executive, books she has read, transformation theory, current events and her own rich life experiences.


I had such a great reading with Tihanna regarding my business! The insight she pulled from the cards helped me shift to an entirely new mindset! My reading was just the wake up call I was needing! 

–Alena H., Certified Life Coach

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