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Tihanna here! Founder of Worth-A-Read

I’m A Blogger, Transformative Communications & Thoughts Coach, Intuitive Reader, Editor, Mother and Spirit-led Superhero.

Worth-A-Read was founded on my love of books and understanding that transformation is the basis of any great achievement or major life change. Self-reflection is key and being able to read oneself and get clear on the blocks keeping you stuck is the most important aspect of attaining all you desire.


I spent more than a decade working in television news and public relations before becoming a coach and spiritual reader.

In today’s society of "wanting" to be and do "more", it's easy to feel like there is something you’re missing or something you’re getting wrong.  And its often difficult to examine those feelings and break through them alone.


Working together, we’ll get clear on why these things are happening AND we will develop a real-life strategy to eliminate the haunting worries, anxieties and fears so that they will never get in your way again.

Love + Light +  Literacy

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What you need to know to get started:

As an empath and intuitive guide, I believe working together, even on a professional level is very much a spiritual process.


It's important our energies and intentions are aligned before we move toward the completion of any goal.


You can book a complimentary exploratory call with me by sending an email to: tihanna@wortharead.net.

Provide a short synopsis of your situation and/or project and include "Let's Work Together" in the email subject line. 

Get Coached
My coaching & Reading services are for you if: 

  • People always look to you as being a strong and helpful person but what they don’t realize is that you need support and guidance too

  • You are an observer of others but tend not to say much or talk about feelings. You bottle your feelings up inside and would like divine guidance on all that you are dealing with, in a discreet setting, free from criticism, drama or judgment.

  • You recognize there are some challenging areas in your life, and while you can name and discuss them, you have not yet been able to move beyond them

  • You feel trapped in a relationship, work or family situation that on a mental level you understand is not serving you but emotionally you have not been able to break free from it.

  • You are in a twin flame or soul mate connection and need help understanding how to navigate and heal your way through it.

Get Help with a project
My professional development services are for you if:
  • You have written a book already and are in need of editing or further refining the messages within it.

  • Your book is complete and you are now ready to strategize around how to best market yourself and talk to others about the book

  • You are a coach, influencer or healer looking to refine or redefine your core messages to attract more of your ideal clients and authentically empower them into action

  • You are already highly successful in your chosen career path or business but have reached a plateau and are ready to transition into working for yourself or taking your business in a different direction.


“My wife and I are getting our first book published and building a nonprofit. We gained valuable insight and strategic guidance from Tihanna from the beginning. In fact, guidance she gave us in the introductory session we booked with her helped us further our project in ways we hadn’t even considered before. We are grateful to have her help with writing our book!

-Solomon A., Int’l Diplomat, Author, Speaker







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